Need More Local Customers?

We Have a Welcome Opportunity For You!

Don’t waste your advertising budget chasing your competitors’ customers. Try the only advertising medium that brings you a constant stream of prospects who have yet to establish their buying loyalties.

My New Neighbor makes it possible for you to reach these newcomers.

When you combine our greeter’s word-of-mouth recommendation with an outstanding incentive, you can be assured these movers will give your business a try when they are in need of what you sell. If you give them great service once we get them to you, you are nearly guaranteed a lifetime customer!

You Receive the Following Benefits with a My New Neighbor Sponsorship:

  • The most affordable way to reach people currently searching for the businesses they will patronize for years to come.
  • A personalized sales message delivered by one of our trusted greeters.
  • A hand-delivered invitation and incentive to visit or contact you.
  • A proven method that results in long-term customers.
  • Monthly list of all newcomers who received your materials — sales leads for you to use in your future marketing campaigns.
  • A measurable way to track the success of your offer in enticing these prospects.

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